Datpiff claims to be The Authority in Free Mixtapes, but censors pro Trump Rap duo?


After their debut mixtape was released on July 22, 2017 “Siciliano King & NNNyc – 5 Tool Players.” It immediately caught fire and trended to datpiff’s charts. It spent about 9 Hours on datpiff, before it was brought to datpiff’s attention that. “Siciliano King & NNNyc” were Trump supporters with pro Trump lyrics in their tracks and social media accounts.

With close to over 300 downloads, datpiff decided to pull the plug on New York City Rap Duo Siciliano King & NNNyc. Citing that they didn’t believe they could get that much support in such a short period of time. What Really? Let’s show the class how they were drastically wrong and the artist were targeted because of their political beliefs.

Lyrics like “We’re going to win Big Like Donald Trump” (From Track So Many) and lyrics like “like some hacked emails, you so easy to get inside/ she bent over, she wanted my private and I had to serve her/ (Hillary’s Private Server) (From Track LMPMC)

The Duo was immediately CENSORED, when datpiff.com was asked if they could supply the duo with evidence they ignored them. They finally allowed the mixtape to go up again, this time with all the views and downloads scrubbed. But it get’s better… The duo was able to get the same views and downloads in a faster amount of time.

We’re seeing Pro Trump supporters and ALT-Right figures get censored at an alarming rate on a wide spectrum of platforms.

What are they afraid of? That pro Trump rappers mold and shape Hip Hop to #MAGA?

Datpiff.com’s excuse was horrible, as The account Siciliano_King on Instagram has close to 17,000 followers and high traffic on that account alone.

The Rap Duo from New York City currently has a smash hit record playing on radio nationwide called “Jigga.”

The left continues to want Hip Hop to be dumb down and they rather have mumble rappers who rap like toddlers sky rocket on their charts!

Want to show support for The Duo and have The Alt-Right invade Hip-Hop? Show your support on the following link and SHOW them that. Alt-Right minds will NOT be censored!