August 13, 2017

Louis Tomlinsons’ fans will ‘definitely learn a bit more’ about their favorite One Direction member after they listen to his first solo album. Powered by WPeMatico

Bruno Mars says that ‘it’s important that we don’t forget our brothers and sisters affected’ by the Flint water crisis and donated $1 million from his concert earnings to fighting it. Powered by WPeMatico

Vin Diesel revealed that a new ‘Fast & Furious’ live show is in the works and that ‘it’ll be a way for you to see the action firsthand.’ Powered by WPeMatico

Hundreds of thousands flock to the Guca Trumpet Festival each year for Balkan brass bands and plum wine. American brass player and fan Eleni Govetas is there. Powered by WPeMatico

Since their 1948 debut, the Blind Boys have won 6 Grammys and performed at the White House. Songs on the group’s new album consider personal and historical moments in the members’ lives. (Image credit: Courtesy of the artist) Powered by

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Musicians are protesting the invitation extended to radio host Dennis Prager to guest conduct; they say Prager is “deeply bigoted.” But music director Guido Lamell says “music trumps politics.” (Image credit: Louise Huang/Santa Monica Symphony Orchestra) Powered by WPeMatico